What do I need a Chamber membership for?

Definition of complacency. 1 : self-satisfaction, especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies. When it comes to safety, complacency can be dangerous. 2 : an instance of usually unaware or uninformed self-satisfaction.

As “seasoned” business owners, we all get complacent in one way or another. It’s easy to stop doing certain things when we get to a place where we feel “comfortable” with the status quo in relation to our business goals. Especially when things are going well, we tend to back off from doing the things that seemed so urgent when we were first starting out.

For many years, I was a trainer and job coach for the Kona Ice Corporate franchise system. Several times a year, I would travel up to Florence, KY to conduct what we called “Kona Kollege.” I would also travel around the country to coach other franchise owners. What I liked most about the training and coaching was that it constantly reminded me of the excitement that I had when I first started my business. I was reminded to do the little things that mattered in setting up my business – things I used to do that were no longer at the forefront of my mind or that I just didn’t have the time to do, with other more pressing business matters to handle maybe like sending out thank you cards to your past and current customers.  We had a saying, imagine if you thought that you were going to lose your top client tomorrow.  What would you do today to avoid that from happening?  That is what you should be doing every day!

It was easier to NOT become complacent, when I was constantly being reminded about all the “little things” that can somehow turn out to be the “big things,” in their potential to impact our business success. Networking is by far the most impactful of those “little things,” and one of the first that we tend to drop off our to-do lists.

In my training and coaching sessions, I have used the analogy of networking as kind of a magical ticket. In this case, I will take it a step further and liken your Chamber membership to that special ticket:

What if I could sell you this ticket with extraordinary properties? It costs $200 per year (so, less than a dollar a day.) By bringing this ticket to a series of events throughout the year, you can most certainly get back double the money that you originally paid for it.

How many of you would buy the ticket?

What if, with this ticket, you could be handed the keys that will unlock several doors to bring about significant change for your business. By buying this ticket, your new business can have a jump-start to success. By buying this ticket, your already-booming business, will soar even further.

How many of you would buy the ticket, now?

When I go to visit local business owners or look for past Chamber members who, for whatever reason, fall through the cracks and haven’t paid their memberships, I hear echoes of the same comments and questions I used to hear in my own mind. “What do I need a Chamber membership for?” … “I already have more than enough business,” … “I just don’t have time to get away from my work to attend.” I get it… I have been there, too!

When we have become complacent – comfortable and satisfied with where we are in our business, it’s easy to overlook the importance of the connections we make for the long-term, by continuing to network with other business owners and organizations in our community. Your Chamber membership can be your ticket to success, at every stage of your business, but it’s not enough to just purchase the ticket…it only really works if you USE the ticket.

In the next blog, I’ll show you how some Chamber members are doing just that…and how you can, too!