The Committee of 100

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1) What is the Franklin County Committee of 100?

The Committee of 100 is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation functioning as the non-profit arm of the Franklin County
Economic Development Commission.

2) What is the mission of the Committee of 100?

Our mission is to expand economic growth, job opportunities and investment in Franklin County and the region.

3) Why is this organization necessary?

Many of the grants available for economic development require submission by a non-profit associated with Economic Development. The Committee of 100 serves this purpose. Funds from this organization are used to option industrial sites, as well as build shell buildings to attract industry.

The Committee of 100 also provides an additional financial source for Franklin County businesses to either expand or
develop through the Franklin County Committee of 100 Revolving Loan Fund.

4) How often does the Committee of 100 meet?

Because we know most of our members are already active in the community, we designed our program to make it easy
for you to contribute and make a difference by meeting ONLY once a year at the annual banquet. Your selection of a
Board of Directors, who represent you, will meet and carry out the routine duties throughout the year.

5) What is the cost of membership?

The contribution is either $100 or $500 depending on your membership selection. And remember, your contribution is
Tax Deductible.

6) What are some examples of projects successfully completed by the Committee of 100?

  • Participated in the construction of the first 60,000 sq. ft. shell building in the Franklin Park Industrial Center on US 1A.
  • Facilitated the award of a 50% grant towards the construction of the Triangle North Executive Airport terminal building.
  • Participated in the construction of a 57,500 sq. ft. industrial building in the Youngsville Commerce Center on US 1.
  • Applied for and received a $1,975,000 training grant from Golden Leaf to train citizens of Franklin County and the region
  • for new manufacturing jobs.
  • Worked with the Town of Louisburg, Palziv and Franklin County to refurbish the water tower at Palziv, which allowed
  • Palziv to complete a $6.2 million dollar expansion and add new jobs.
  • Coordinated efforts with Wake Electric Membership Corporation, Franklin County and the Kerr-Tar Regional Economic
  • Development Corporation to construct the first shell building at Triangle North Franklin.
  • Created a Franklin County Revolving Loan Fund program helping businesses locate or expand, with the money
  • continuously revolving back to Franklin County for projects.
  • Become a member of an organization that funds growth and economic development within Franklin County.

Join today and be a part of economic development in Franklin County! 

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