The Annual Truck Raffle and Family Day Event at Hill Ridge Farms

Networking – (noun) The action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts….

As the end of September approaches, the Chamber is eagerly awaiting our Annual Truck Raffle and Family Day at Hill Ridge Farms!  What I like most about this event, taking place on the 25th, is that it’s a family event and that it’s open to the public.  While your family is playing in the splash pad, or jumping in the barn full of hay, you can sit and listen to some great music, enjoy some local food & drink and…. NETWORK!

There is more to this event than what is obvious to most people.  This event pulls together a lot of business owners, potential customers, and potential business opportunities. It creates a casual, fun, and relaxing opportunity to talk about your business or share your ideas with others all while your family gets to enjoy what Hill Ridge Farms has to offer.  There could be doors to open, and keys to open them!

It can be a challenge juggling work, business, and personal life.  That is not only true for me, but for many business owners I speak with.  When we discuss attending Chamber events, there are often personal or scheduling conflicts, or they just can’t get away from their businesses long enough to attend. We get it, so we try to offer events at different times of the day, and on different days of the week.  This exciting event will be held on a Saturday, so I am hopeful that everyone in Franklin County and beyond can come out to enjoy the park, the live entertainment with 2Digh4 , the festive food with Burger21 and Big Al’s BBQ, and Sunset Slush , and the chance to win a pretty cool truck!

I have never, personally, been a huge fan of the speed-networking type of events.  I imagine they work for some, but I would much prefer to have a casual conversation about what my business has to offer or learn about what other businesses have to offer. I would rather discuss the possibilities of how we could work together in a relaxed atmosphere, engaged in something fun.  The Annual Truck Raffle and Family Day at Hill Ridge Farms is the perfect opportunity to do just that!

When was the last time you attended a Chamber event?  This may be the perfect event for you to get reacquainted with other Chamber members and find out what’s new in our business community.  It may be the perfect event for you to not be “all business,” but also get to enjoy a fun time with family and friends.

The question: “What does the Chamber do for you” has been the subject of these blogs for the past several months.  In case you’ve missed any, one of the things the Chamber does for you is provide you with opportunities.  This event is definitely one opportunity you won’t want to miss!

What other opportunities does the Chamber offer?

We have hosted several Meet the Chamber events in various places around Franklin County.  

We have been out making face to face visits to local businesses.  Personal service is a priority to us!

We constantly promote our chamber members; including holding Ribbon Cutting events for new businesses and honoring outstanding small businesses with our Small Business of the Year Award.

We even bought lunches for our new Franklin County teachers!

What’s next?  In the upcoming months, in addition to Meet the Chamber events, we will be co-sponsoring several “Lunch-and-Learns” to help your businesses grow.  We are also in the early stages of planning a “Meet the Candidates” event that will be held in Louisburg on October 14.  We are excited about growing and helping you grow, so there will be even more to come!

If you aren’t a chamber member yet, and have been thinking about joining, we would love to talk with you.  If you are already a chamber member and have some ideas on how we can improve, or feedback on what has been successful, we would also love to hear from you.  Chamber membership isn’t a one-sided deal. We’re in this together!  

As I’ve discussed at length in past blogs, the Chamber offers keys to open doors; the investment in your business growth is well worth the membership fee!