– July Spotlight is the Greater Franklin County Chamber of Commerce’s July Spotlight. has a great motto about selling your vehicle and it is in the name. They will offer you $400 more than your best cash offer from a dealership. Dealerships are interested in maximizing the profit they can make off of selling your car. is not a dealership, so they are able to pay fairly for the cars they acquire. And if they can’t buy your car, still gives you $100 cash, just for giving them the opportunity to look at it.

How this works:

First, attain a cash offer. You can get these from any franchise dealer, such as your local Chevy, Ford, or Honda dealers; we also honor offers from CarMax, Autotrader’s ICO’s (Instant Cash Offers), True Car’s Buying Service, Kelley Blue Book’s ICO’s, and plenty more.

Next, send a picture of your written Cash Offer to (919) 880-2975. One of the team members (Todd Hall or Allen White) will be in touch about a time and place to meet you, inspect your car, and deliver a no-obligation, competing offer of $400 more.

It is that simple!!!

Check out their website at:

Check them out on Facebook: @Get400More

Give them a call at: 844-400-MORE (6673) or (919)-880-2975 Or you can email them at: