Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Blog 17

In the last blog, I mentioned a business that is unlike any other businesses we’ve seen – especially in our community. At first glance, it appears that what makes them so different is the concept of the business itself. While that is true, concepts don’t come up with themselves. People come up with concepts.

When we talk about businesses, it’s easy to forget that it is the people behind them that make them stand out from others. In the next few blogs, I am going to focus on some of the individuals that make our business community and the community at large a little stronger and a little more interesting because of their unique roles in the lives of others.

I really enjoy having so many opportunities to meet these people, to hear about their passions, talents, and skills and how they incorporate all three into providing a remarkable service to others. There seems to be no limit to the types of events that I get invited to and I have dozens of stories about good people doing great things for our community. This is a little anecdote about an event that celebrated one of those people!

I was invited to a surprise celebration in Louisburg, for a gentleman who, in cooperation with the Franklin County United Way, had just completed his 300th wheelchair ramp for those desperately in need.

Wayne Stallings has been building ramps here in Franklin County since 2006. He, along with a few volunteers, has been working with the United Way and other local organizations to provide the wheelchair ramps for people without the means to buy/build the ramps themselves – and who honestly can’t manage day-to-day life without them.

It was a surprise celebration and he received several awards. His work made such an impact that he was even given the distinction of having a flag flown over our nation’s capital in his honor!

I had a brief chance to meet and shake hands with Mr. Stallings, at which point he told me several stories about his helpers, and was with great enthusiasm that he gave so much of the credit to them. His humbleness ranked right up there with his dedication to the work itself!

Oftentimes, those are the kind of people who can so easily be overlooked in the “business world.” It was refreshing and heartwarming to see so many members of various community organizations come together to celebrate this monumental feat and this extraordinary individual!

Congratulations Wayne Stallings! We, at the Chamber, wish you all the best as you continue to share your passion, talent and skills to benefit our community.