Louisburg College – August Spotlight

Louisburg College has been serving students for over 230 years. It is also the oldest 2-year college in the nation and is the ONLY 2-year residential College in North Carolina. Louisburg College’s philosophy is students first and they have over 90% of the graduates continuing their education at four-year schools or universities. LC believes strongly on the value, support, and opportunity for the success of their students.

The faculty at LC is dedicated to the success of every student. The dedicated faculty provides individual assistance, ensuring that each student is academically prepared to meet the requirements of major four-year colleges. Faculty members keep generous office hours; most provide home phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Louisburg College Campus is a safe, quiet and peaceful place! It is also public, and we highly suggest taking a walk around it. So much history in one place! @LouisburgCollege
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